Experience Tiffany Glass

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Overview and Highlights

The core of the collection is comprised of lamps, windows and metalwork created at the Tiffany Studios (1902-1932) in New York City. Its holdings also include a unique, one-of-a-kind archive of more than a quarter of a million examples of flat glass and glass “jewels” salvaged after the Tiffany Studios closed. These remarkable works were amassed by museum founder Dr. Egon Neustadt (1898-1984) over the course of his incredible fifty-year collecting career.

The Neustadt is best known for its remarkable collection of Tiffany table lamps, floor lamps, hanging shades and chandeliers. The diversity of the lamp collection, which includes both rare examples and multiple interpretations of the same lamp design, affords unique opportunities for study, comparison and connoisseurship. These inquiries are further enhanced by our study collection of fakes and forgeries and period lamps by other firms. Holdings also include leaded-glass windows by some of Tiffany’s most celebrated designers, including Frederick Wilson, Agnes Northrop and Edward P. Sperry, and numerous desk accessories in the popular Ninth Century, Bookmark, American Indian, Chinese and Zodiac patterns.

In recent years, The Neustadt has expanded its collection through purchases and gifts of artwork, archival materials and ephemera.