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Blog: Tiffany Tidbits

Doros FamilyMy Parents’ Collecting Journey

Jay and Micki Doros were pioneering collectors of the work of Louis C. Tiffany. Together over the course of 45 years, they amassed one of the largest and most important collections of Tiffany’s blown glass. Read about their collecting journey through the eyes of their eldest son, Tiffany scholar and Neustadt trustee, Paul Doros. more

Agate VaseTiffany's Agate Glass

Made well into the mid-1920s, Tiffany's "agateware" vessels were a long-standing staple of his furnaces’ production, attesting to both their aesthetic appeal and commercial success. Discover the centuries-old history behind agate glass, and how Tiffany's glassblowers translated its arresting beauty from flat sheets to three-dimensional vessels. more

St. Ignatius LoyolaSurprising Tiffany Decorations at St. Ignatius Loyola

Completed between 1897 and 1898, the Baptistery Chapel at St. Ignatius Loyola features important Tiffany decorations, including a marble altar and semi-dome skylight. Learn more about this remarkable commission, from its unusual subject matter to its artistic virtuosity. more

Recent Glass GiftRecent Glass Gift Provides Window into Tiffany’s History in Queens

A recent gift of over 1,000 shards of glass, excavated from the former site of Tiffany's complex of workshops and studios in Corona, spurred The Neustadt to revisit Tiffany's Queens connection. more

Peacock LampA Passion for Peacocks

Peacock feathers were a favorite design motif of Louis C. Tiffany, who revisited this theme countless times in both his personal life and professional career. Explore how Tiffany's artisans translated the peacock feather across several decorative mediums – including leaded glass, blown glass, and metalwork. more