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THE NEUSTADT is a premier collection of Louis C. Tiffany’s celebrated lamps, windows, metalwork, and rare archival materials, including over a quarter of a million pieces of original Tiffany flat glass and glass jewels used to create his iconic designs. Dedicated to preservation, scholarship, education, and connoisseurship, the organization provides an in-depth look at the artistry of the Tiffany Studios and its contribution to a uniquely American chapter in the history of stained glass. The Neustadt is committed to sharing this story and its collections with diverse audiences through its gallery at the Queens Museum in New York City and exhibitions that travel to museums nationwide.

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at the queens museum

Tiffany's iridescence owes its beauty to the complex chemistry that lies beneath its glimmering surface. Discover the science behind the artistry in The Neustadt's latest exhibition Tiffany's Iridescence: Glass in Rainbow Hues, now on view in The Neustadt Gallery at the Queens Museum.  




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glass archive tours

Step back in time and experience Tiffany's glass just as his artisans did! Join The Neustadt on exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of its renowned Tiffany Glass Archive, now offered on a bi-monthly basis. Purchase your tickets here for this 
unparalleled opportunity.




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tiffany tidbits

Have you checked out our new blog? Tiffany Tidbits features articles that delve into works in our permanent collection, the people behind Tiffany's glass, our research road trips, special commissions, and more. Our latest post explores Tiffany's arresting agate glass.